Refus de portage de numéro de téléphone.

Michel Sunrise 15.02.2024 Signaler Plainte signalée


SUNRISE refûse de faire le portage de la ligne téléphonique à la date demandée, et la repousse à une année plus tard, alors que j'ai reçu la résiliation pour le 12 février 2024 comme demandé, et sans avoir à m'acquitter des frais de 415CHF ! Le bon fonctionnement de l'ADSL est esentiel pour la santé et la sécurité de ma mère (monitoring à distance).

Au vu de la dégradation du service ADSL Sunrise depuis Décembre 2023, après avoir discûté avec leur support, ces derniers m'ayant assuré que le problème était transitoire, la ligne ADSL est tombée à 0,2Mbps et impossible d'entendre les interlocuteurs qui nous appelaient.

TELEBOY a reçu la demande de transfert du numéro de téléphone et SUNRISE refûse, arguant une date du 17.01.2025 !

Merci de faire le nécessaire pour que le transfert soit autorisé dès demain. Merci.

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Michel 15.02.2024

Dear Mrs. Clemes and Mr.Krause,

I contact you regarding issues related to a contract cancellation on behalf of my Mom, Mme Julia GARCIA, Rue des Rois 2, 1204 Genève, Client # : 5007014947 and major problems of internal communication in your firm. Short long story :

 Since beginning of December 2023, the quality of service provided by Sunrise has dramatically fallen down regarding the ADSL. I contacted your support twice, and they mentioned it was related to current work on the lines, but that the situation will improve and that the problem should be resolved within a few days.


In January, the situation was still unstable, but finally it went better, unfortunately we lost around 25% of the ADSL speed. I contacted your firm to negotiate a “fidelity bonus” as we got in 2022, and accepted it. Then the problems started to arise again, having ADSL cuts, and phone calls where we were unable to hear our caller. I decided to switch to another company, and started to make the necessary steps.

 My Mom is unfortunately disabled, and needs monitoring for her own security, which is done through services like a “TeleAlarm” usw. Having problems with your services put my Mom at risk, and I can not accept that.

 For any reason, your ADSL system is sending “configuration messages” to the router, several times a day, bringing issues up to the point, the ADSL did fall at 0,2Mbps. Your tech support was unable to connect to the router, and I had to perform an hardware reset, and reconfigure it by myself.

 I did call Sunrise, to request the cancellation of your services, and suddenly problems started to appear. I am not talking about the unprofessional behaviour of the lady who answered my call, and started making comments like “mais alors pourquoi vous avez accepté notre offer ?”, then threatening of 415CHF fees for not respecting cancellation period. Finally she offered to have a talk with another lady at the 2nd level support, and the things got worse.

 This person started telling me that first thing to do was to change the ADSL router, that it was old. Curiously, I own 2 other routers for my firm ADSL / Fibre from the same manufacturer and never had an issue. She told me that the first step to do was to change the router, and if the issue was still remaining, then to send a technician, and if unable to fix it, then she will agree to cancel the contract.

 I explained this lady that my Mom was old, and our phone was linked to the ADSL FritzBox router, and that it will be very difficult for my Mom to adapt to a new phone, that I could not accept this proposal, and did find a provider using the FritzBox products so my Mom will not be in trouble. She said then “Vous refûsez alors ce que je vous propose » with an unpleasant tone of voice. I explained her that since my 18 I was working in IT, and it means 40 years of experience, the problem was not the router but the changes done on the ADSL access point at the communication central.

 Finally, I asked to talk to a person in charge, as situation was becoming really unpleasant with that person. Luckily, I went in touch with Mr. Hafid KHAYATI, who took in charge the situation and handled it in a very professional way, searching to understand what was happening, and creating a report in order to resolve the cancellation delay problem. You have a brilliant employee, serious, polite, concerned by the customers situation and willing to find solutions for both Sunrise and myself.

 On the 12th of February, I got a call from a lady working at Sunrise telling me that the cancellation was accepted for this date, with no fees on my side, and she sent me an email, and SMS to confirm it. That was fine. I was unable to hear her with Sunrise phone system, and she had to call me on my Mobile !


As I asked my new provider to perform the phone line transfer, they contacted me explaining that Sunrise refused to perform it before the 17/01/2025, as we had a contract running with them. I will be traveling out of Switzerland starting the 28th of February 2024, and can not let my Mom without Internet connexion and phone. I got this morning a letter from Sunrise confirming the transfer date of the phone line for the 17/01/2025.

 I also called Sunrise this morning, and the lady told me that the “cancellation confirmation I received was cancelled and rejected” … So, 2 confirmations by 2 different communication means from your firm are not valid ? I have never seen such a mess.

 I will highly appreciate that you take the necessary steps to settle this problem as soon as possible. Consider that I have spent around 4h dealing with Sunrise, technical issues, since December 2023  which has involved a loss of 940CHF (235CHF/h x4) on my side.

 By the way, my LinkedIn profile will give you preview about the firms I have been working at, and my technical skills (25K internet access points deployed in Spain) :


Please find attached the confirmation documents regarding the cancellation confirmation.


Thanks again for taking care of the situation. Don’t hesitate to contact me on my mobile +41 76 399 91 60, if more information is needed.

Regards, Michel Garcia.